Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kayo Kyoku Plus: Yumi Arai -- Hikoki Gumo (ひこうき雲)

Today, I came across this blog post - Kayo Kyoku Plus: Yumi Arai -- Hikoki Gumo (ひこうき雲).  Last spring, a friend of mine lost his 4 year old to brain tumor.  Upon reading this post and the lyrics, it immediately reminded me of that...

The English translation is excellent.  If there's one thing I think could be improved, it would be the 3rd paragraph.  In my humble opinion, the line,
    高いあの窓で あの子は死ぬ前も 空をみていたの
is a question.  And the next 2 lines are the singer's answer to this question.  Basically, the singer is asking herself a question and then she answers herself (and the answer is "she doesn't know the answer").

So, I would have done it like this:

By that tall window, before that child passed away
Was he also gazing at the sky?
I don't know at this moment
Other people also don't know
I just think he was too young
But he's happy

Correction: Now that I read the lyrics again, I think I was wrong.  Thanks to Miyazaki Hayao's (宮崎駿) recent anime "The Wind Rises" (風立ちぬ).  Otherwise, I would not have listened to the song and read the lyrics again.  The English translation at Kayo Kyoku Plus is as good as it can get.
- June 21, 2014 

Here's the original Japanese lyrics:

誰も気づかず ただひとり
誰もおそれない そして舞い上がる

空に憧れて 空をかけてゆく

高いあの窓で あの子は死ぬ前も
ただ思うだけ けれどしあわせ

空に憧れて 空をかけてゆく

空に憧れて 空をかけてゆく

ウー ウー ウー ウー

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