Saturday, May 11, 2013

Karashima Midori - Illusion (Maboroshi)

This song is not among the popular songs by Karashima Midori.  But I really love its melody the first time I listened.  I love it more after I've learned the meaning of the lyrics.  It may be too abstract for some people's taste.  But I enjoy it very much.

You can watch it on YouTube.

Here's the original Japanese lyrics.


急ぎがちに歩くのはなぜ こんな穏やかな陽射し
子供達は 白いボール追って 芝生を駆ける
”さようなら”と横顔で あなた まぶしそうに
心が崩れてゆくけれど 何も動けない

春が空しく 桜を散らすわ
たたずむ私に 何も残さずに
あふれそうなの 笑顔も涙も
あなたを失えば すべて幻ね

永遠の幸せを いつも信じていたのね
子供達は はしゃぎ疲れ ひざで寝息をたてる
なんとなく 気付いていた 別れの足音に
戯らに 時は過ぎたのね 愛は戻らない

春が秘かに 心を染めるわ
見送るだけなら 憎みたいのに
こわしたくない 笑顔も涙も
私を惑わせる 甘い幻ね

春が空しく 桜を散らすわ
私を惑わせる 甘い幻ね

And here's my English translation.


Composer, Lyrics: Karashima Midori

Why hurrying your steps in such calm sunshine?
Kids chasing a white ball
Running around in the lawn 
Like a dazzle, you deliver the break up with your face turning sideways
My heart is collapsing but everything is immobilized

Spring scatters sakura in vain
I am standing still left with nothing
Smiles or tears
They seem to be overflowing
If I lose you everything is an illusion, isn't it?

I used to believe there's happiness forever
Kids tired of frolicking, sleeping by their knees soundly breathing
Somehow I realized the nearing steps of departure
Playful times have past, haven't it?
Love is not going to return

Spring permeates my heart in secrecy
Even though I want to hate you if you're only here to bid goodbye
Smiles or tears
I don't want to ruin
Leading me astray is this alluring illusion, isn't it?

Spring scatters sakura in vain
Leading me astray is this alluring illusion, isn't it?

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