Monday, May 6, 2013

Karashima Midori's Silent Eve, a 2nd Interpretation

Yesterday, I wrote about Karashima Midori's (辛島美登里) famous song "Silent Eve" (サイレントイヴ) (here's the post), and provided the Chinese and English translations of the lyrics.  Today, I want to talk about a second interpretation that I have in mind.  It could be just me being "creative" (i.e. weird) , but I can't help but think that it is a song about extra-marital affairs, from the perspective of a woman intruder.

Specifically, I was led to think about that because of the following 2 lines.
The rule behind this "game of friend" is really too hard
Already, I won't bother with the affairs between us two anymore
I'm imagining a man telling a woman that he treats her as a "friend", and then there're rules that govern what a "friend" should conduct and behave.  I don't know about you, but I see an extra-marital affairs coming my way.

In the next line, ”二人のこと” literally means "affairs between two people", but there's no saying which two people!  Going further, ”邪魔” means "to bother", "to interfere", "to intrude".  When you enter a Japanese house, you said "お邪魔します” which means "Sorry to bother you", "Sorry to intrude".  Consequently, I could interpret it as "I won't intrude your family (you and your wife) anymore".  And everything else about extra-marital affairs fit the song well, like "The decision to break up is not your fault at all", and "Why are you not here on this important night? (It's X'mas Eve, so the man has to be with his family)".

So, whether it's a sad love song about a woman who broke up with her lover, or a sad love song about a woman ending an extra-marital affair, I think it's up for interpretation.  What do you think?

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