Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Suspicion Confirmed (果然是這樣)

I found this on the Internet:
It's an interview with Karashima Midori last year when she released her cover album featuring songs from Oda Kazumasa.

Basically, she told the same story (see my earlier post) about her waiting for her friend at Shibuya station and watching the suddenly falling snow.  In addition, she's saying that on a separate occasion, she had a friend from Osaka telling her that she'd been involved in an extra-marital marriage.  Her friend told her, that "during that time the man would buy anything for her, and was very kind and tender.  But they couldn't meet during important holidays like Obon (盆) and New Year (正月) at times when she needed him most he's not there."  The snow scene in the lyrics was inspired by the snow she saw, and the whole song was inspired by her friend's story.

So, here we are, confirming that Karashima Midori's Silent Eve is indeed a love song about an extra-marital marriage.

The translation has been updated accordingly.

這是辛島美登里於去年發表小田和正cover album時做的訪問。


所以,這證實了我先前的想法。Silent Eve是一首談婚外情的戀歌。


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