Friday, May 17, 2013

Murashita Kozo - Hidamari (陽だまり)

Hidamari (陽だまり) was released in 1987.  It was the theme song of the anime series Maison Ikkoku (めぞん一刻), which was based on the same manga by Takahashi Rumiko (高橋留美子).  I personally haven't watched the anime, nor have I read the manga.  But I vaguely remember that it was on TV (and dubbed in Cantonese) when I was in high school back in Hong Kong.  I also remember some of my classmates would talk about it in class.  Now that I know the song, I am very interested in both the anime and the manga.  I want to read it and watch it when I have time.

Here's Murashita Kozo performing live.

By the way, I've seen some comments from Japanese (or at least I think they're Japanese; on the Internet nobody knows I am actually a cat) that the lyrics was beautifully written.  Given that I've only been studying for a few years, I am afraid I am not qualified to comment.  But I hope the translation would come through.




蝉時雨遥か すだれごしに

ああ君に会いたい 今すぐに声を聞きたい

きらきら 夕焼けの中 微笑みなげて
一番大事な事忘れずに 輝いていて欲しいよ

早く会いたい たった一言


ひらひら 花びらの舞う 春の午後には
二人で陽だまりの中 光あつめやさしさを わかちあえるさ

一番大事な事忘れずに 輝いていて欲しいよ

Sunny Spot

Composer, Lyrics: Murashita Kozo

Beyond the bamboo blind
The chirring of cicadas in chorus from afar
Summer sunset sprinkles onto the water
Like a rock splashing onto a river surface
I am thinking of you who have already flourished

A road in a wavering heat haze
From there I am glancing at the distant sky
Ah!  I want to see you
Immediately I want to hear your voice

I throw a smile at the glistering sunset
If my wish were to become my prayer
I want you to shine without forgetting the most important matter

Just in a single sentence - "I desire to see you soon"
I want to yell it out loud from my heart
That I am sure one day we will serendipitously run into each other
That all along I believe that we will be knotted together

When I start walking
I want you to attach yourself to my back and follow me close
I'm telling you, I am in solitude for you and only you

Fluttering sakura dancing in a spring afternoon
Prayer has turned into vow
Two of us in a sunny spot
Being able to share this tenderness that is filled with light

I want you to shine without forgetting the most important matter

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