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辛島美登里-サイレント・イヴ (Karashima Midori - Silent Eve)

It was by serendipity that I discovered Karashima Midori (辛島美登里).  About 3 years ago, I was searching for videos on YouTube.  Specifically, I was looking for Nakamori Akina's (中森明菜) version of Ruri Iro No Chikyuu (瑠璃色の地球), which was originally sung by Matsuda Seiko (松田聖子). Accidentally, I stumbled upon Karashima Midori's cover version as well.  She has a beautiful angle like voice!  I immediately became her fan.  And there goes the story.

Silent Eve was Karashima Midori's break out song.  It was released in 1990.  According to her, the song had already been written when she was still a university student in Nara (奈良).  After graduation, she moved to Tokyo with the goal of becoming a professional musician.  One day, she was waiting for her friend in front of the "Hachiko" (ハチ公), which is THE landmark at Shibuya (渋谷) station.  Suddenly, it snowed.  Male or female, the young or the aged, she saw the snow falling indiscriminately upon everyone at the junction, which led her think that may be her chance had come.  She then wrote the lyrics and the rest is history.

You can see her on YouTube here.

Here is a more recent version.

Original Japanese lyrics:



真白な粉雪 人は立ち止まり
いくつも愛を 重ねても 引きよせても
なぜ 大事な夜にあなたはいないの

さようならを決めたことは けっしてあなたのためじゃない
不安に揺れるキャンドル 悲しかったから

本当は誰もが やさしくなりたい
それでも 天使に人はなれないから
瞳をそらさずに 想い出はうるむけれど
移りゆく季節が ページをめくるわ

さようならを決めたことは けっしてあなたのせいじゃない
飾った花もカードもみんな Merry Christmas for me
もう一度 私の夢をつかむまで Silent Night

もう一度 私の夢をつかむまで Silent Night

This is my English translation.

Silent Eve

Composer: Karashima Midori
Lyrics: Karashima Midori

Pure white powdered snow
People standing there halted
I remember the scenery my heart always desires
No matter how much love I pile up, how much love I draw towards me
Why are you not here on this important night?

The decision to break up is not due to you at all
The candle light is nervously wavering because of sadness
The game with this so called "rule of friendship" is really hard
Already, I won't be intruding you two anymore

Really, everyone wants to become kind and tender
Nevertheless, human can never become angel
My iris clouded with memories will not divert its sight
But the passing season is about to turn the page

The decision to break up is not your fault at all
The decorating flowers, the X'mas cards, are all saying Merry X'mas to me
Instead of showing a "friendly" smile
I'm now weeping in solitude
A silent night until I grasp my dream once more

A silent night until I grasp my dream once more


「Silent Eve」是辛島美登里的成名作。1990年發表。據她說,歌曲在奈良大學時代已經完成。畢業後,她到東京以職業作曲家為目標而工作。一天,在涉谷「忠犬像」等朋友的時候,突然下起雪來。無論男女老幼,她見到同樣的雪不分彼此落在橫過馬路的每個人身上。她想這是否代表機會很快會降臨。之後,她寫了歌詞,往後發生的便成為了歷史。


Silent Eve


純白的粉雪 佇立的人群
無論我累積多少愛 怎樣把愛拉近

分手的決定 絕不是因為你

說實話 誰也想變得更溫柔體貼
不過 人總不可能變成天使
矇上回憶的瞳孔 沒有轉移過它的視線
但續漸變遷的季節 要揭開新的一頁

分手的決定 絕不是你的錯
無論是裝飾的花 還是聖誕卡 全都在跟我說Merry X'mas
不願作“朋友”的微笑 寧可如今獨自哭泣


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