Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nakamori Akina - Kagerou (Heat Shimmer or Heat Haze)

Kagerou (English: Heat Shimmer or Heat Haze, Japanese: 陽炎) was released in 1993.  It was composed by Anzen Chitai's (安全地帯) Tamaki Kouji (玉置浩二).  Lyrics was written by Nakamori Akina (中森明菜) herself.  At that time, she has broken up with Kondo Masahiko (近藤真彦) for almost 3 years.  I think the song was about her story.

From the YouTube videos, it looks like she cried every time she sang the song.  It must have hurt too much.

Here's the Japanese original lyrics.



ひかる道 彼方 陽炎景色
愛しさを おいて 今は抜け殻ね
夢を追うことは 誰にも出来ると
強さで守った 笑顔 引きずってた

あんなに あなた 愛した私
幸せと 思えるの 今でも

かさねゆく 愛を 身に纏いながら
冷めた唇で 探す情熱を
滲むフォトグラフ 二人の笑顔
知る人もなくて 深い海の底へ

あんなに ふたり 子供のように
あどけない 眼差しの 温もり

全てが輝やき 時を 愛した私
幸せと 思えるの 今でも

And here's my English translation.  Enjoy!

Heat Shimmer

Composer: Tamaki Kouji
Lyrics: Nakamori Akina

On the other side of a shining road
A scenery of heat shimmer
Putting my love down
I am now only left with a body, isn't it?
I believe everyone can pursue her dream
Dragging along my smiles that was sustained with strength

I who loved you so much
Even now it feels like true happiness

Piles of love layering onto my body
Whilst searching for passion with cold lips
A blotted photograph
Our smiling faces
The person I know is gone
Towards the bottom of the deep ocean

We were so much like children
The warmth of an innocent glare

I who gave my love when everything was shining
Even now it feels like true happiness

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