Monday, February 24, 2014

Karashima Midori (辛島美登里) - Map (地図)

“Map” (地図) appeared in Karashima Midiro’s (辛島美登里) album “In Your Eyes.”  As I’ve already written in a previous blog post titled “Love too, Career too,” (恋も仕事も) Karashima said she wanted to write about the darker side of women in this particular album.  And “Map” is no exception.  It describes a girl who met a man, but eventually broke up due to different views about the future (or lack of).  She was afraid that she would not be able to get married as she grew older.  But when her new boyfriend proposed, she realized that the man she truly wanted to be with was still her ex-boyfriend.  Because there’s no turning back, she had to choose her current boyfriend.  The word “map” is a metaphor to describe, in general, that a woman wants to "see a path to the future", and wants someone to draw a “map” for her.

I found this live version on YouTube:



肩をすくめ 彼と微笑った
若い街は もう歩けないね
路地のcafeはなくなってた あなた捜せない

挑むような 強い瞳を
好きになって 暮らし始めた
だけど 女は 地図が欲しい
あなたの夢 私の明日 初めてケンカをした

過ぎてしまえば よくある映画のよう
uhm~ すべてがセピア
次の誕生日 待つのがこわくなって
部屋をでたの あの日

今は 彼の導くままに
愛の地図を 辿っているわ
夕暮れ 静けさ 包んだとき
大事なこと 話したいと 急にみつめられたの

返事につまり 景色に目をそらせば
uhm~ すべてがセピア
戻れないから 人は歩きだすのかも
だけど胸が 痛い

ひとつだけ ひとつだけ 手に入れるなら
ほんとうは ほんとうは…

好きだけじゃ 愛は 幸せにはなれない
uhm~ すべてがセピア
戻れないから 人は歩きだすのかも
彼に ついて ゆくわ…


Composer, Lyrics: Karashima Midori

Where we once shrugged and laughed together
We’ll never again be able to lay down a step on that street of youth, won't us?
The cafe in the back alley has disappeared, you’re no where to be found

I’ve come to love your strong and courting gaze
And so we’ve started living together
However, a woman desires a map
For your dream, for my future, we argued for the first time

When everything is past and gone, often times it’s like a movie
Uhm~ everything turns sepia
I became frightened waiting for my next birthday
On the day I walked out that room

Now, under your guidance
I’ve been navigating the map of love
Surrounded by evening stillness
“I have something important to tell you,” you suddenly stared at me

Unable to find my words, as I looked away towards the surrounding scenery
Uhm~ everything turned sepia
There’s no turning back, he’s probably started a new life
Nevertheless, my heart hurts

If I could get my hand on one and only one thing
It’s really… It’s really…

Just because two people love each other doesn’t guarantee happiness
Uhm~ everything turns sepia
There’s no turning back, he’s probably started a new life
I’m going to hang on to you…

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