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Nakamori Akina 中森明菜 - North Wing (北ウイング)

North Wing is one of my favorite Akina songs.

I forgot when I first listened to it.  It could be from the radio when I was attending secondary school.  Or I could have first heard it from my cousin's cassette tapes.  My cousin was a big fan of Akina.  During the summer between Form 1 and Form 2, I stayed in my cousin's home for about a week.  It was my first time ever I listened to Akina!  Afterwards, I borrowed 2 tapes, something akin to "Best Akina Selection" at that time, and a tape my cousin made himself.  My first reaction was: Akina had an amazing voice.  Her distinctive low voice in "Shoujo A" (少女A), and the voice she used to sing "Slow Motion", were totally different.  I would have thought they're from 2 different singers.  I loved many of her ballads, such as "Slow Motion" (スローモーション), "Second Love" (セコンドラブ), "Twilight Yuugure Tayori" (トワイライト夕暮れ便り), and "Anata no Portrait" (あなたのポートレート).  However, for some reason, I thought it's not good to "chase idols" at that time and so I stopped listening.  Now that I think about it, it's a bit too immature and extreme :)

From what I found on the web, people were saying that this song is Yamguchi Momoe's (山口百恵) favorite Akina song.  Not sure if it's true.  It's disappointing that this song didn't become #1 on Oricon.

Please don't ask me what it means by "we're in the heart magic".  I don't know either.  I think it's written in "Japanese English" that only Japanese can understand.



Love is the mystery わたしを呼ぶの
愛はミステリー 不思議な力で

すべてを捨ててく Airplane
北ウイング 彼のもとへ
今夜ひとり 旅立つ
心の区切りの Teardrops
都会の灯り ちいさくなる
空の上で 見下ろす

夢の中を さまようように
夜をよぎり 追いかけて 夜間飛行
Love is the mystery 翼ひろげて
光る海を 越えるわ すこし不安よ

苦しいだけの きのうを
あなたが住む 霧の街が
雲の下に 待つのね

恋の眠り 目覚めさせてく
見知らぬ空 夢色の 夜間飛行
Love is the mystery 言葉をためて
ふいに 胸に飛びこむ それが返事よ

Love is the mystery あなたは呼ぶの
愛はミステリー 不思議な力で
Love is the mystery
(We are in the heart magic)
Forever mystery
(I can hold you deep in my heart)

North Wing

Composer: Hayashi Tetsuji
Lyrics: Kan Chinfa

Love is the mystery
It is calling me
Love is the mystery
With its miracle power

Like a movie scene
The airplane is leaving everything behind
Flying towards you from the North Wing
Tonight I begin this journey alone
Me who abandoned once
Teardrops among the broken pieces of my heart
The city lights turn smaller and smaller
Overlooking from the top of the sky

Like wandering inside a dream
A midnight flight chasing the night mist through the night
Love is the mystery
Extending its wings
Crossing the bright ocean
I am feeling a little bit anxious

The date line starts to paint away
Yesterday that holds only painful memories
The misty street where you're living
Awaits me under the clouds, isn't it?

Love is awakened from its sleep
Flying through the unknown sky 
A midnight flight with colorful dreams
Love is the mystery
Piling words
Suddenly plunges into your heart
That is my reply to your calling

Love is the mystery
You're calling me
Love is the mystery
With its miracle power
Love is the mystery
(We are in the heart magic)
Forever mystery
(I can hold you deep in my heart)

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