Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan 8 - ただいま

This morning, I originally wanted to take the subway. But then I remembered there's a bus that would take me to Shinjuku station from my hotel (see Jan 5 blog). In fact, it'd be easier because I didn't need to carry my luggage up and down the subway stairs. So, I arrived at Shinjuku without lifting my luggage more than a few steps.

I took the Narita Express when I arrived and at that time I already bought my return ticket. Before boarding the train, food time :) I went to the underground food court and had the following, crab meat plus salmon roe over rice.

Yesterday, I said I wouldn't do any shopping at Narita. But today I changed my mind. Well, I just bought the following since it's so attractive that I couldn't resist.

My flight was around 5pm. So, at around 3pm, yet more food again :)

This is chazuke (茶漬け) where they pour tea over rice and in my case unagi (eel) as well. The name says tea but I thought it's actually clear broth, as I tasted the soup afterwards and found no trace of tea.

Goodbye, Japan! I will be back!

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