Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan 7 - part 2/2 オッジ ダルマット



Dinner again was quite an adventure. After my shopping at Shinjuku, I went back to the hotel, dropped everything off, and went for dinner. The place is called Oggi Dal-Matto, and it's an Italian restaurant. Technically, it's Italian-Japanese fusion. I knew of this place from the singer song-writer Karashima Midori (辛島美登里), of whom I'm a fan. In one of her blog entires (, she talked about this restaurant and the food looked delicious. I was intrigued but didn't know whether I'd have time for a visit. After I returned to the hotel, I went online and realized that the restaurant was just a few blocks from my hotel in Hiroo. And so I went.

I think this restaurant serves familiar customers and so my presence was a bit odd. Anyway, the reception was great and the food excellent.

It's a prefix menu, or omakase (おまかせ).

Mind my poor Japanese. I was not able to understand the explanation of the following dish from the waiter.

Bread served with olive oil. There're 3 kinds of olive oil. Starting from the left, it got progressively heavier and more spicy.

Various vegetables and sashimi. The middle one was not a sauce, but instead it's like a soup for its own consumption. My Japanese was limited and so I was only able to know that the item at 5 o'clock outside was sea urchin on stop of sashimi.

The following was neither foie gras nor pork. It's chicken served with red wine sauce and vegetables!

This was their open kitchen.

Pasta with strawberries and tomato.

The main course, Japanese beef and vegetables.

Oyster pasta with cream sauce.

The desert, matcha cake (抹茶ケーキ).

Karashima-san, thank you so much!!!

As I mentioned earlier, today's my last activity day. And this pretty much concludes my Japanese trip.

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