Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan 7 - part 1/2 ゆっくり歩いて、買い物する

Today's pretty much my last activity day in Tokyo. Yes, I can do shopping in the airport tomorrow but I don't plan to. My flight is 5pm. That means I have to arrive at 2pm, and since Narita is around 1 hour 30 minutes from Tokyo, I have to leave my hotel at noon at the latest.

Today, I continued to walk in nearby Azabu. I planned to return to Shinjuku for some last minute shopping as well. I wanted to buy more Japanese tea, and some books and CDs for learning Japanese. Last quarter at my Japanese school, one of my classmates showed me a very nice book+CD series. They are divided by listening levels according to JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). The books include short stories, cultural themes, and Japanese myths. The accompanying CDs represent the audio version of the books. I think they're good because of their all-roundedness in reading, listening and to a certain extent speaking, albeit non-conversational. The English web sites have huge markups and shipping charges that I'm better off buying it here. I hope this won't backfire tomorrow as United Airlines have a pretty strict limit on luggage weight.

As I was walking on the street, a group of 6 Japanese women ran in front of me and entered a soba restaurant. This must be good, I thought. So I looked at their menu and decided to have lunch there. I ordered their あさりそば, or clam soba. The menu says it's an Azabu speciality and is only available in winter. Here's how it looked like.

Later, I found out that they're famous for their 担々麺, or Tantan noodle (This is actually Chinese noodle famous in the Sichuan province). Everyone ordered the Tantan noodle except me! Well, I have only one stomach, so next time :)

Here're the Japanese women who led me here.

In the afternoon, I found this coffee place in Azabu Juban called Ueshima Coffee (上島珈琲). It's very relaxing and the best part was their smoking area was completely isolated. I ordered their caramel milk coffee.

I was writing this portion of the blog as I was enjoying their coffee. Very delicious indeed.

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