Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tamaki Koji (玉置浩二) - Roman (ロマン)

Found this song on YouTube by accident.  There're so many songs by Tamaki Koji, or Anzen Chitai for that matter, that I love.  Next time I'm in Japan, I'll certainly seek their old records.

Here's another one if the above doesn't work:



たった ひとつの愛 見つけたから
そっと 抱きしめ 生きていきたい
せめて 夜空が まだ 届かぬ夢
追い続けて 目覚めないうち

結ばれたこと 忘れないように
君の胸 僕の胸と
きつく合わせ 寄り添い 眠ろう

いつか 宇宙の果て 命消えても
小さな灯に きっと なれるから

遠く離れてた めぐり会えないで
悲しみばかり 拾って
彷徨ってた 君に会うまでは

つないだ糸を 放さないように
君の指 僕の指と
かたく絡め 寄り添い 眠ろう


Composer: Tamaki Koji
Lyrics: Sudou Akira

Because I’ve found my one and only love
I want to gently hold it, and live my life onwards
At least, I hope the night sky is still an unfulfilled dream
That I’ll continue to pursue, while I’m not yet awaken

I wish we would not forget our vows
Your heart, and my heart
Firmly united, let us cuddle into the night

Some day, even when the universe ends, and life disappears
We’ll certainly be able to turn into tiny stars

Drifted afar, unable to meet my love
When all I could pick up was sadness
Lost and confused, that was until I met you

I wish we would not let go of the thread between us
Your hand, and my hand
Tightly held together, let us cuddle into the night

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