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Takki & Tsubasa (タッキー&翼) - Koi Uta (恋詩-コイウタ-) (Ending theme from Japanese drama "Osen" おせん)

A few months ago, my Japanese teacher introduced me to a Japanese drama called “Osen” (おせん).  It’s from a manga in the same name.  The story was about a traditional Japanese restaurant called “Itsuseuan” (一升庵) located in metropolitan Tokyo.  The ingredients were either home grown, or procured from suppliers who use traditional methods to prepare or manufacture.  The cooking methods were traditional too.  For instance, manual labor and wood fire were used in lieu of rice cooker for cooking rice.  The protagonist was the owner of Itsuseuan named Handa Sen (半田仙), starring Aoi Yuu (蒼井優).  I was moved by the drama because it was talking about how to keep and advance our tradition in the midst of our industrial society, so that the whole globe would not become homogeneous.  This has been the struggle of all Asian nations, who still hasn’t found an answer to the rise of Western civilization, in the past 200 years.

I love the ending theme, which was sung by Takki & Tsubasa, a group made up of 2 people, Takizawa Hideaki (滝沢秀明) and Imai Tsubasa (今井翼).  The lyrics has nothing to do with the drama and I don’t know why they chose this song as the ending theme.  I found this video on YouTube:



誰も気づかない 咲かせた恋ごころ

いつもすぐ傍に いつでも届く距離に
居たのに見落とした うつむいていたから

ぽっかり空いた 君との時間 あの日の涙を
ぬぐえず また 思い出すよ 忘れられないんだよ

ねぇ、聞こえる? 過ぎたことのように思うけど
ねぇ、その声も その仕種も ぼくはまだ覚えてる
伝えそこねた想いがまた ぼくの心掻き乱すよ
この悲しみも ねぇ、いつかは微笑みに変わるかなぁ…

暮れる街並みに ぼんやり浮かんだ月
ふわりと包み込む あじさい色の君

今さらだって思うんだけど どうしようもなくて
懲りずに また思い出すよ 滲んでいく恋文

もう 逢えないの?
たとえば ほら、この痛み やわらいだ頃
ねぇ、逢いたいよ 偶然でも 僕はかまわないから

少しくたびれた心 ぬくもりを降らす雨
ジンと沁みるこの胸に 愁い唄う君への詩

ねぇ、逢えないの? こんなにも想っているのに…
ねぇ、その声も その仕種も ぼくはまだ覚えてる
伝えそこねた想いもほら そっと包み込む恋詩
この悲しみも ねぇ、いつかは微笑みに変わるんだろう

Love Poem

Composer: SJR
Lyrics: Shihomi

Like a flower blossoming inside a narrow back alley
Nobody notices
Something’s making my heart flourished with love

Always by my side
Always at reachable distance
It’s always been there though I missed it
Because I had been putting my head down, lacking courage

The wide-open days I spent with you
Still unable to wiped away the tears of that day
I remember once again
It’s unforgettable, I’m telling you

Hey, do you remember?
Hey, can you hear it?
Even though they are considered to have been past
Hey, your voice, your gesture, I still remember
Thoughts that missed their chances to be conveyed
Are upsetting my heart
Even this sorrow, one day, I wonder if it’s going to turn into a smile

The moon faintly floating amid the evening cityscape
Softly wrapping your hydrangea colored self

Although I think it’s all too late
I can’t help, as if I hadn’t learned my lesson
That stained turning love letter, I remember once again

Are we unable to meet already?
But suppose, say, at a time when this pain has soothed
Hey, I want to see you, I’m telling you
Even if it’s just meeting you by chance, because I don't care

Rain pouring warmth onto my little worn out heart
A heart soaked with emotion
A poem inside reciting my sorrow towards you

Hey, I want to meet you, I’m telling you
Hey, are we unable to meet?
Though I’m thinking like this…
Hey, your voice, your gesture, I still remember
Thoughts that missed their chances to be conveyed
Softly wrapped inside this love poem
Even this sorrow, one day, I think it’s going to turn into a smile

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