Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dec 29, 2011 Part 2/3 - あゆみ@代々木

Yesterday, I went to Shinjuku Gyoen and today I decided to go a park again. This time, I went to the Yoyogi park (代々木公園) which is located beside Meiji Jingu (明治神宮). I really missed the relatively spacious Bay Area. Also, I think the air is better in the Bay Area than Tokyo. So, to the park I escaped!

These 3 are practicing some special musical instrument made out of small sand bags so when you shake them and collide them they produce a distinct beat.

And a young girl hiring a photographer to preserve her precious memories.

And here's a view from the park looking in the direction of Shinjuku.

When I exited the park on my way to the subway station, I noticed a huge crowd across the park at the Yoyogi National Stadium.

What's happening?

Oh! It's the Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎あゆみ) concert!!! The items you saw are souvenirs and they're selling like crazy. The concert will take place tonight, tomorrow and Dec 31, with the last one having a count down to the New Year with her fans. I haven't listened to her songs, but she's supposed to be the most successful J-pop singer since the beginning of J-pop! I also heard that she wrote all the songs' lyrics herself.

Lastly, a group of fans posing before entering the concert venue.

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  1. "a young girl hiring a photographer to preserve her precious memories" - this photo has potential :)