Monday, August 17, 2009

Valley Fog 2

It was 6pm. I arrived at the junction of I-280 and highway 35, overlooking San Andreas Lake and Sweeney Ridge. Nearby Daly City was already covered with fog. The wind was blowing hard. Slowly and surely, the fog descended into the valley like a water stream running down the mountains.

It's simply amazing watching the fog unfold in the next 2 hours. I can't use any word to describe nature at work. At one point, the whole ridge became one gigantic waterfall. Splashes would be created when fog hit the bottom of the valley. My friend, upon looking at the photos, described it better - 白龍戲山 (White dragons entertaining themselves through the ridges; I know it's not the best translation!). What a fitting description indeed (especially the 3rd and the 5th)!!!

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